Why Mobile

Why Your Business Needs To Be Mobile?

Unless your market doesn’t have or use mobile or cell phones, most likely there is some form of mobile marketing that could be effectively used in your business. Text messaging campaigns, QR Codes, mobile websites, mobile apps are a few of the possibilities.

Mobile Statistics

In case there is any doubt that mobile is here to stay, here are some statistics and estimated trends from a number of sources we found.

  • Most of  your customers own and use a mobile phone, and a large majority of them are smart phones (like a Blackberry, iPhone,  or Android). They are also likely to keep it turned on and carry their phone with them at all times.
  • It is estimated that 98% or more text messages are read, and many immediately (vs. email at 20-30%).
  • 90% of Americans over 13 have a mobile phone to the tune of over 40 million users.
  • Worldwide there are over 4+ billion cell phones – over 4 times the number of PCs.
  • There are an estimated 2.4+ billion text messages sent in the USA today (more than 3x sent via email).
  • Mobile is social – it is estimated that around 25% of all Facebook visits are via a mobile device.
  • Mobile internet and data usage is increasing at amazingly fast rates as carriers make smarter devices and offer “flat rate” data plans that make it more affordable. As old mobile phones are replaced, many will be using newer smart cell phone technology, or mobile web.
  • One barcode scanning company estimated an 800% increase in codes scan from last year.

Your Customers are moving targets

Other than television and radio, there isn’t another immediate means to reach your customer or prospect WHEN you want to reach them. And mobile users are BEGGING for you to reach out to them in the media that they prefer most. When combined with your other print, online and other advertising you can probably imagine how powerful mobile marketing could be to get your messages to your customers.

Mobile marketing tips

You may be asking yourself  HOW would I use mobile in my business? You will find many examples on our site, but here are a just a few.

  • Mobile text message coupons are a common way. If you’re a restaurant or retail business, who doesn’t want a coupon for a discount or free item from their favorite place?
  • Mobile voting, surveys and polls are another option. Want to find out what entree your most loyal customers like best? You can setup a keyword just for that purpose and ask people to join to vote. It can be great feedback for your business
  • QR Codes are becoming increasingly familiar. While the US is behind Japan in the use of these, they are quickly becoming popular here to. You could have different QR Codes for different functions: i.e. Like you on Facebook, a virtual business card, visit a site or a mobile website, a coupon or offer. I am sure you get the picture.
  • Mobile Ticketing and Loyalty Links are another good use for mobile marketing solutions.
  • Doctors and dentists can use mobile text messaging for appointment reminders
  • Mobile text alerts are another option to offer consumers. ESPN offers mobile alerts for people to get scores and stats. Whether it’s a weather or traffic alert or something else your business can provide in real time, this is yet another option.

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