Vehicle Listing

Vehicle Listing

Around the country car dealers are using mobile marketing to give potential car buyers the information they want and while at the same time generate qualified leads without the pushy “car salesman” way of doing business. You have the power to reach people directly on their mobile phones whenever you want. You can send specific vehicles or types of vehicles with the push of a button while also updating their social networks as well. There has never been a more cost effective/time efficient way to communicate with people on the go. Find out more here Text Message Marketing for Auto Dealers and Service.

Benefits of SMS text message marketing for the Auto Industry

  • Drive revenue through real-time offers and promotions
  • Increase performance of sales staff through mobile data capture
  • Engage customers instantly by sharing information via text on each vehicle
  • Build revenue by reminding customers of scheduled maintenance and service offers
  • Instantly connect with prospective customers that respond to marketing campaigns
  • Learn more about customers through mobile surveys and client interaction
  • Create viral campaigns through integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • Lower marketing expenses by tracking advertising performance
  • Gain team support by implementing an easy to use communication platform

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