Social Groups & Non Profits

Managing large groups and organizations can be challenging and getting information into the right hands at the right time is important.  Group text messaging for community-based organizations is the solution to your communications challenges.

Whether you represent a civic group, a campus organization, a non-profit, or any other sort of social group, MMS can help you build an affordable, efficient text messaging program.

Our easy to use, text messaging software allows you to build community and alert members to news, events, and other information.

For a non-profit or a campus / community civic group on a tight budget, MMS’s affordable pricing structure allows you to coordinate your communications efforts efficiently.

Proactively Manage Text Message Marketing Communications

MMS makes SMS text messaging easy to manage with our list management, scheduling, reporting tools.  Enjoy the power of instant communications with your list through text message marketing.

Use SMS Text Messaging in Marketing Campaigns to:

  • Use bulk text messaging to announce upcoming events and send day-of reminders
  • Ensure safety through emergency alerts that require real-time communication
  • Decrease staff expenses by scheduling reminders months in advance
  • Invite or remind members to vote
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Event reminders and conference updates
  • Share breaking news
  • Promote fundraising events
  • Deliver timely promotions
  • Promote special offers
  • Membership dues reminders
  • Request donations
  • Event registrations

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