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How can your retail business benefit from text message marketing?

The 3 things we never leave home without – keys, wallet and mobile phone. With text message marketing, your message will reach your customers no matter where they are. Mobile text messaging has emerged as a new way of contacting customers with speed, relevance and effective response.

Send event notifications, and mobile coupons, sale reminders, contest info and special offers via mobile marketing. Text messages are opened 97% of the time and usually within 10 minutes of receipt.

It’s a low cost, high return on investment tool that quickly places your message in the pockets of your target audience.

Ready to get started? With our Mobile Marketing Solution all-in-one messaging system, you can start creating your mobile marketing campaigns in minutes.



  • Immediate Notifications – Notify customers immediately with big sales, new shipments, and important announcements.
  • Keep your days busy – Turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer and change your slow days into busy ones.
  • Mobile Coupons – Mobile coupons are much more effective than paper or email coupons.


Build your list ( read more about building distribution lists )

Text to join – Easily start building your distribution list utilizing powerful mobile keywords and short codes.

Create your mobile keywords – You’ve seen the same technology on American Idol, heard it on the radio, or have seen it on a billboard. People can text your mobile keyword ( like ‘blouse’ ) to YOUR Mobile Marketing short code (80523) to join your mobile distribution list and start receiving your text messages and mobile coupons. You can also setup an automated message to be texted immediately back to your customers.

QR Codes

Sign Up Forms

How It Works

Customer Texts “blouse” to 80523

Customer receives an automated text message right back. Maybe something like, “Thanks for joining our Mobile Coupon VIP List! Show this text to
receive a 20% off your next purchase.”

By texting your keyword, the customer has opted in to join your mobile distribution list, and now using your own Mobile Marketing Platform you can send out any offers you want that they will receive in an instant.

Online Sign-up Page

Create a customized OSP (online sign-up page) with widgets or forms to add to your website or Facebook page.
> see how to create and customize OSPs

Mobile Coupons

Maximize your marketing strategy with the speed, convenience, and positive return from mobile coupons using our affordable and easy-to-use web-based software. ( read more about mobile coupons )
We also offer image-based coupons and barcode solutions to create the perfect mobile loyalty program.

77% of consumers would like mobile coupons via text message

Our Mobile Marketing Solution offers an easy and affordable web-based software that allows you to:

  • Offer mobile coupons
  • Send scheduled messages to increase traffic on historically slow days
  • Send event reminders to increase attendance
  • Send high impact photos or videos to convey your message
  • Send new menu information
  • Implement a daily specials list
  • Highlight specials
  • Offer weekly or monthly give-aways
  • Reduce traditional marketing expenses
  • Promote new services or products
  • Post offers to your social media sites from the same dashboard
  • Create a frequent text dining program
  • Post sign up widgets on your website and Facebook page
  • Create QR codes to post on print ads, storefront or in-salon signage
  • Create birthday club rewards

Text Message Marketing

Business promotions that reach customers on your website, social media, in email and on their cell phone are more effective than utilizing any one medium alone. That’s why Our Mobile Marketing Solution platform allows you to combine text message marketing with email marketing campaigns, create QR codes and post to social media to maximize your customer reach and share your message.

Ask about our managed accounts to help you create a successful mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Websites for Retail

Your customers are mobile, you need a mobile website!

One click for customers to call you, book an appointment, or see a coupon. It’s the quickest way to turn mobile visitors into customers.

It’s complete –  connects you with customers anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Let us put your business on customer’s mobile phones 24/7.  It looks great on any computer and any device.

We can get your mobile website created and launched quickly and can be updated anytime. It’s the most effective way to engage your mobile customers!

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