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Mobile marketing has the ability to deliver information to buyers in a quick, easy, and timely fashion helping real estate agents be responsive to requests for information automatically.

With text message marketing, your message will reach your customers no matter where they are.

Mobile text messaging has emerged as a new way of contacting customers with speed, relevance and effective response.

This makes mobile marketing a natural space for Realtors to reach new buyers.

Our Mobile Marketing Solution offers an Integrated Marketing Solution that allows you to market inexpensive using Mobile MarketingEmail Marketing, QR Codes, and Social Media Marketing All-in-One! We empower you with the latest in multi-channel communications relevant to today’s target audience such as Mobile TextMMS (picture & video marketing)EmailInstant Message (IM)Twitter and Facebook.

How it works with mobile keywords

You’ve seen the same technology on American Idol type shows or heard it on the radio. You can create a unique keyword for each property listing. Homebuyers can text your keyword to 69302 to receive more info about your property listing. You can also setup an automated response to be texted back to them. Read more about keywords and short codes.

Person drives by a property and sees a For Sale sign with a mobile keyword printed on the sign

Person texts the keyword (something like “951Main”) to 80523

Person receives an automated response, something like “5 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 2700 square ft. List price $475,000. For more info call John at 916-985-9000 or go to”

Person has opted-in to the home’s mobile distribution list, and now using our Mobile Marketing Solution you can text this person in the future with any updates.

Benefits both homebuyers and Real Estate Agents

As the real-estate market becomes increasingly competitive, a mobile text messaging solution will give your Real Estate company an edge over the competition.

  • Instantly text specific property listing info upon request – 24/7.
  • Setup custom automated text responses (for each mobile keyword) – Number of beds/baths, agent’s number and website, listing price – Additional listings based upon price, neighborhood, and category searches – Auction date, time, and location of foreclosures.
  • Effortlessly generate a mobile database of home buyers to contact in the future with new property listings
  • Quickly launch mass text messaging campaigns right from your own cell phone with one text message, or of course using our web-based software.
  • Streamline the lead generation process allowing you to spend less time and money attracting customers, while at the same time attracting more customers than ever before.
  • Schedule text message alerts/reminders to go out at specific dates and times.
  • Save money on printing costs and classified ads.
  • Utilize our Appointment Reminder feature to be sure your clients don’t forget meetings or showings.

Mobile Marketing Solution offers an easy and affordable solution – Contact us today!

Great for Property Managers

SMS messaging is a convenient way to minimize daily interruptions so you can focus on other tasks. Mobile Marketing Solution delivers property information to prospects so you don’t have to. You interact when it is convenient for you.


  • Instantly text specific property listing info upon request – 24/7.
  • Price, square footage and availability questions answered automatically
  • Auto response via text message and text or email notification to you
  • Direct inquiries to more information – mobile website for each property, video walk through or with contact form


  • No more missed calls or lost voice mails
  • No more filling information tubes or flyer boxes
  • Spend more of your valuable time with qualified renters
  • Be more responsive and gain a competitive advantage
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition. Market in ways they aren’t marketing and become accessible to more renters

Utilize QR codes

QR codes are appearing on business cards, fliers and for-sale signs… just about everywhere!

Consumers use their iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys to scan the codes, which take them to listing websites, agents’ contact cards, virtual home tours and maps. The information can be viewed right then or saved in a phone’s memory for use later.

Using Mobile Marketing Platform’s QR Code Service, people can scan your QR Code and automatically link to more info about your properties. You can also setup a QR Code that when scanned automatically composes a text message with your keyword and short code so that all people need to do is press SEND to join your mobile list.

An automated text message can be sent back to them with detailed information, and you automatically store their mobile numbers in your database so that you can text them later.

  • Increase Customer Reach & Retention
  • Easily Track Number of Scans and Mobile Sign Ups
  • Quickly Grow Your Mobile Database

Mobile Websites for Real Estate Agents

Your customers are mobile, you need a mobile website!

One click for customers to call you, book an appointment, or see a listing. It’s the quickest way to turn mobile visitors into customers.

It’s complete –  connects you with customers anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Let us put your business on customer’s mobile phones 24/7.  It looks great on any computer and any device.

We can get your mobile website created and launched quickly and can be updated anytime. It’s the most effective way to engage your mobile customers!

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