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Text Message Marketing for Auto Dealers and Service

Auto dealers looking to improve customer experiences now also have a way of further reaching their customers through the text messaging channel thanks to mobile marketing.

From new vehicle announcements to service notifications, Our Mobile Marketing Solution offers a cost effective SMS text marketing service that allows auto dealerships to connect immediately with potential and current buyers. Whether you want to reach one customer or a thousand, our service enables the distribution of customized messages direct to an opt-in audience.

Vehicle listing allows for car dealerships and dealers to capture leads for the vehicles they want to sell. Lime’s new tool allows capturing leads to become a one step process.

Create a listing simply and effectively

When a listing is created, this will allow interested prospects to text in a specific keyword you set up. The information that they text in will automatically be sent to a sales agent. Interested sellers can list cars, boats and motorcycles. Insert a short url into the SMS Text Message, and the interested buy will be taken to a mobile web site that will give more information about the vehicle listing.

Create ads and attract buyers when you aren’t working

Our Vehicle Listing feature can also generate ads that had the car information, a picture and a QR code that can be scanned with any smartphone. Instead of leaving the usual ‘For Sale’ sign with a number to call, leave this ad in the windshield instead. It ensures that the prospect will get all the information he or she needs, even if they aren’t able to reach you right away!

-Choose an opt-in list to create a database of interested prospects

-Attach a coupon to attracts customers back to your car lot or dealership

-Receive notifications as the car salesman whenever someone inquires about your listing

Benefits of SMS text message marketing for the Auto Industry

  • Drive revenue through real-time offers and promotions
  • Increase performance of sales staff through mobile data capture
  • Engage customers instantly by sharing information via text on each vehicle
  • Build revenue by reminding customers of scheduled maintenance and service offers
  • Instantly connect with prospective customers that respond to marketing campaigns
  • Learn more about customers through mobile surveys and client interaction
  • Create viral campaigns through integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • Lower marketing expenses by tracking advertising performance
  • Gain team support by implementing an easy to use communication platform

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