Mobile Mareting R.O.I.


SMS Text Message Marketing

This is where you begin in the world of mobile marketing. Start by utilizing mobile coupons, Voting, Contests, Polling and watch the viral effect using message forwarding. You can expect a 17-30% response vs. a 1% printed coupon response.

Advantages of Mobile Coupons:

  • They won’t lose it!  Its on their phone
  • 98% of your database will see it!
  • You have their opt-in cell phone number for future promotions, incentives or if you simply want to deliver a message
  • Its less expensive and more effective than any other form of advertising.
  • You engage your customers through experiential marketing
  • You are targeting people that have chosen to hear from you!
To see LIVE RETURN ON INVESTMENT of Mobile Marketing To see LIVE RETURN ON INVESTMENT of Mobile Marketing
Steps to build your mobile club:
  1. Make it your company mission to attach your short code and keyword on every form of marketing you currently do
  2. Make sure your staff members ask everyone of your customers to join
  3. Have a reason for them to join: special, discount, promotion
  4. Our Solution will automatically build your database
  5. Send between 4-6 texts blasts per month
  6. Let your current customers take your business viral via text messaging
  7. Enjoy the growth your business when we set up mobile marketing campaigns

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